We have consulted with African governments, acting as technical advisors for specific scopes of work and project leads for mid-term engagements. We collaborate with local legal experts to ensure the delivery of relevant, comprehensive and coordinated advice while adhering to international best practices. We have advised them on bankability, regulatory risk, contractual conditions and compliance.

selected transactions in the region:

  • Advised the World Bank on project finance and portfolio options relating to integration of renewable power sources in North Africa
  • Structured the transaction for the sale of surface radar equipment to the government of the Republic of Togo based on its inter-governmental agreement with the Republic of Germany
  • Consulted as integrated legal counsel for a French multinational on a portfolio of aviation sales and service contracts with the public sector in Sub-Saharan African countries
  • Advised the government of a West African nation on a finance and asset transfer contract with an agent of the government of Germany
  • Advised an African government on an investment contract with an agribusiness company for the production, processing and export of rice
  • Acted as project lead for the investment agency of an African government to develop an oil palm and sugar investment program
  • Advised on a feasibility study for a fertilizer off take project
  • Advised a state attorney’s office in sub-Saharan Africa on contracting structures for solar projects with Chinese investors
  • Represented a chamber of commerce as technical lead on a medium-term scope of work to petition the government for amendments to the offset legal framework applicable to oil, gas and mining activities in Mozambique
  • Consulted as project lead and foreign legal advisor at the attorney general’s office for an 18-month foreign direct investment agreements, fiscal incentives regulations and PPP project
  • Consulted on behalf of the U.K. government on an African government’s proposed financing of public health insurance trust agency
  • Represented a newspaper publisher in negotiations with the Namibian government regarding legislative reforms in relation to telecommunications and data security
  • Advised on behalf of the United Nations Development Program, on regulatory changes required for an unspecified country to address its public health crisis
  • Acted as legal advisors to the government of Sierra Leone, on behalf of a global consulting firm, on the structure and bankability of a post-disaster economic development strategy
  • Advised a global firm on the legal framework relating to oil and gas in Ghana
  • Worked with a German exporter on a Nigerian industrial partner’s breach of compliance protocols
  • Counseled a global corporation on the sale of aviation sector equipment to the government of South Africa

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