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How we work

We are reshaping the legal industry by providing clients with practical customized, solutions-driven advice and services that produce desired outcomes.

We employ a holistic and collaborative “one team” approach in which we listen to our clients to develop customized solutions that best meet their needs while aligning with their objectives, vision and values. We partner with leading organizations to advise them on complex, strategic opportunities, and challenges where our expertise, knowledge and depth of experience will deliver the greatest impact.

Working Globally

We handle complex finance and cross-border commercial transactions, navigate emerging markets deals, advocate for business-enabling policy changes and oversee nuanced due diligence and compliance protocols.

We understand the cultural, political and economic factors at play, and the way national and international regulators operate – and cooperate.

We work in partnership with local firms and in close collaboration with key business units, we tailor our advice to harmonize with our clients’ fundamental economic, operational and political realities.


To transform the legal landscape by working proactively and collaboratively as a partner and trusted counsel to our clients in which we listen to their needs to provide practical customized, solution driven advice that delivers desired outcomes.



Principal Pico & Kooker
Legal Advisors and Consultants

+49 176 67337273

Who we support

We work with companies of all sizes and specialize in finance transactions, cross-border commercial transactions, policy development and emerging markets business and compliance and due diligence. Multilateral institutions, global corporations, tenderers, international lenders, corporate borrowers, project companies, governments, consulting firms and law firms have trusted our advice and express satisfaction with our unique mandate options.



Principal Pico & Kooker
Legal Advisors and Consultants

+49 157 88523593


In my more than 40 years of
practice throughout the globe,
Pico & Kooker stands out as one
of the most exceptional consulting
firms I have worked with.”

Pico & Kooker’s employ a
commercial solution-driven
approach to their legal advice.”

Pico & Kooker’s advice is sound
and forms the basis on which I
render ministerial decisions.”

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